Arhat Media began in 1997. Known as The Archive for the Retrieval of Historical Astrological Texts, it functions to procure, protect and publish translations of historical astrological works and secondary source material for serious astrologers and scholars. This material has been integrated into the Robert Hand Library. This library now houses the original texts and translations of most of the ancient and medieval astrologers whose works are still in existence, as well as the history of science, philosophy and mystical Judaism. The mission of Arhat is to fully explore these materials and make them available to the public in educational, cultural and multimedia formats.

"We recognized the vulnerability of original astrological manuscripts and organized a research archive and publishing company to house the work and continue publishing rare finds. We used to tell the story by using the analogy of modern astrologers rebuilding the temple, using this knowledge we gained from translations we had not seen before. In fact we have discovered a great deal from the works of ancient and medieval cultures. Building upon these foundations along with technology and creative multimedia production, Arhat Media brings this knowledge to the public using artistic communication and extraordinary multi media design." -- Robert Hand

In all that we do, we hope you will take advantage of everything we offer to make you a better astrologer. Because when you succeed, we succeed -- books and journals, videos and vintage MP3s, our top of the line education webinars, personal guidance and consultations. If you are interested in business services, we'll look at your corporate chart and maps, and our VP and Creative Director will design a unique branding package for your professional success.






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