The use of houses in astrology is one of the fundamental components of astrological method, yet it is in state of confusion. Throughout history different systems have been in vogue. At present, about eight methods for computing houses are in use - not including Whole-Sign Houses. In this webinar we will explore the following:

1. The causes of this confusion.
2. Evidence that the Whole-Sign System is the oldest house system of all.
3. The history of how other systems came about.
4. How the use of signs as houses rationalizes most of these problems.
5. The use of Whole-Sign Houses and that use differs from most other systems.
6. How the Whole-Sign System gives insight into why the houses signify what they signify.
7. Relationships between houses with the same ruler; twelve archetypal patterns.
8. Almutens of signs and how they affect house interactions.
9. Many practical examples.

This recorded series comes with 10+ hours of instruction and all related course materials. 

$198 (previously recorded class)
prerequisite: none.