This is an introduction to Robert Hands methods of chart analysis, which are a synthesis of traditional and modern methods. It is the system he uses. Only a minimal knowledge of astrology is required to be involved. Advanced students of conventional modern astrology will also get much benefit from this workshop.

Topics Covered Include:
1) Why a synthesis between traditional and modern astrology is necessary.
2) The Philosophy of my approach.
3) A comparison of the way this new synthesis handles signs, planets, aspects, and houses as compared to conventional modern astrology.
4) The most fundamental components of astrological symbolism.
5) The use of Essential Dignities, Reception, Planetary Sect, Lots (aka "Arabic Parts") and Whole Sign Houses.
6) First steps in evaluating the condition of the components of the chart.
7) How to approach a chart topic by topic.

$200 (previously recorded class)
prerequisite: none.