astrology 201

This webinar takes up where Astrology 101 ended, namely, how to evaluate the important topic areas of the chart. Where we touched these areas in a basic manner, in this webinar we will go into greater depth in each area and study both worked out examples and examples from participants' charts.

The emphasis will be, once again, on how combine modern and traditional techniques in order to derive both practical information and guidance from the chart as well as material on life-purpose and direction.

Topics will include the following:

1. Personal appearance, body type, and physical strengths and weaknesses as well as other health issues.
2. Basic mental and personality type using medieval methods.
3. Finances and Career, diffentiating and distinguishing one's ability to handle and earn money and by what means as distinct from what one does for life a life.
4. Early home life, the parents and their impact, as well as relationships with siblings and other relatives.
5. Intimate relationships, and marriage, children.
6. Religion and/or Spirituality, Philosophical outlook.
7. Travel and mobility in general, relocation.
8. Relations with friends and peers as well as with more difficult persons.

The webinar takes place April 5th and 6th with each day having 2 parts that last 2 hours in length with a break in between.

$200 (previously recorded class)
prerequisite: Astrology 101 strongly recommended.