astrology 301

Astrology 301 will pick up where Astrology 201 left off. We will begin by covering some of the areas of the birthchart that we did not get to in astrology 201. The bulk of the webinar will consist of two topics.

First, how to begin approaching a new chart by looking for dominant patterns in the chart. Also, how to focus on the answer to a particular questions that the client may have. The question is "Is it better to do a reading of the entire chart or to focus on particular questions?" The pros and cons of both approaches will be discussed.

The second major area of focus will be on birthcharts of both famous people and participants to show ways of approaching a chart and finding the dominant patterns. We will also discuss the problems of synthesizing conflicting indications in a chart.

$200 (previously recorded class)

prerequisite: Astrology 101 and 201 strongly recommended.