Knowledge is key to understanding the age old mystery's and realities of Astrology, and its effect on our lives. This set offers 7 books and over 6 hours of lecture and lesson MP3'S from Robert Hand to give you that knowledge. If your serious about Astrology, and want to become a recognized Astrologer, your going to need a deep understanding not only of Astrology and its many applications, but the history as well. This set offers just that.

This is almost everything Robert Hand. This is 7 of his published works, and 7 lecture MP3's all together in one set.

What's included:

Planets in Transit (signed edition)
Planets in Composite (signed edition)
Essays on Astrology (signed edition)
Whole Sign Houses (E-Book)
Masha'allah: On Reception
Chronology of the Astrology of the Middle East and the West by Period
Night & Day, Planetary Sect in Astrology (E-Book)

Plus the lecture series.....

Norwac 13' - lecture I - Astrology and Research, format - mp3, running time 54 minutes 21 seconds
Norwac 13' - lecture II - Jupiter as a Melefic, format -mp3, running time 1 hour 29 minutes
Norwac 13' - lecture III - Saturn as Befefic, format - mp3, running time 1 hour 14 minutes
Re-examination of the Basic Symbols of Astrology, Esalen '79, format - mp3, running time 1 hour 30 minutes
Princeton Lectures - Charts of the Great Conjuction format - mp3, running time 1 hour 5 minutes
Egos' in the horoscope format - mp3, running time 1 hour 20 minutes
Transit Cycles format - mp3, running time 1 hour 5 minutes

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