One of the oldest applications of Astrology, possibly the oldest, is the art of picking times for taking actions or beginning activities. This is the art of Elections and Inceptions. Elections is the art of choosing times for taking action. Inceptions is the art of choosing times for the beginning of things that are intended to endure. Don’t worry, I will discuss the difference between these and give examples. It is an extremely practical branch of astrology aimed at getting definite results in the everyday world with all of its flaws and shortcomings. It is what I like to call a "meat and potatoes" branch of astrology. And it was also used in ancient religions to pick the best times for performing rituals.

This webinar will be a basic introduction to the subject including common, easy-to-use methods that require very few tools beyond an ephemeris and almanac. In addition the webinar will introduce the basic methods of formally finding precise times best for taking specific actions or beginning activities that may be carried on for a short time, a lifetime or beyond.

I look forward to seeing you online November 12-13, 2016!

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$216 (previously recorded class)
prerequisite: none.