The "Essentials" Collection is a must have for any Astrologer. This package includes signed editions of Robert Hand's groundbreaking work Planets in Transit, Whole Sign Houses, and Essays on Astrology. It also includes the best of his lecture series, Norwac '13 ( 3 MP3's, Astrology and Research, Jupiter as a Malefic, Saturn as Benefic plus handouts) and the legacy recording, "Re-Examination of the Basic Symbols of Astrology", given in Esalen California in 1979. Whether your just starting out, or desire knowledge from one of the most esteemed Astrologers in the world to add to your own practice, this set is for you.

Whats included:

Planets in Transit (signed edition)
Whole Sign Houses (ebook)
Essays on Astrology (signed edition)
Norwac 13' - lecture I - Astrology and Research, format - mp3, running time 54 minutes 21 seconds
Norwac 13' - lecture II - Jupiter as a Melefic, format -mp3, running time 1 hour 29 minutes
Norwac 13' - lecture III - Saturn as Befefic, format - mp3, running time 1 hour 14 minutes
Re-examination of the Basic Symbols of Astrology, Esalen '79, format - mp3, running time 1 hour 30 minutes

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