Schoener's work the Three Books on the Judgment of Nativities is one of the most complete texts on late medieval natal astrology that we have, giving a detailed view of the astrological methods of the time that is rivaled by no other book of the medieval and early modern periods with the possible exception of Bonatti's ninth tractatus. This translation consists of Book I of the three books, the "basics" of natal astrology. (Books II and III will be published in another volume.) Each of the classic questions of natal astrology as formulated by Ptolemy in Books III and IV of the Tetrabiblos is addressed in enormous detail using methods derived from a variety of medieval authors, both Latin and Arabic. And in addition to an almost overwhelming wealth of detail concerning each of these questions, Schoener also lists great numbers of traditional aphorisms from the major medieval sources. This is medieval astrology as it was before it was "purged" by would-be reformers who often did not have a clear understanding of its bases.

The following is the table of contents.

  • Chapter One: Concerning the Significators and Their Accidents.
  • Chapter Two: Concerning the Parents and their State of Being.
  • Chapter Three: Concerning the Native's Brothers and Sisters.
  • Chapter Four: Concerning Those Who Have Not Grown.
  • Chapter Five: Concerning the Form, Figure and Constitution of the Body.
  • Chapter Six: Concerning the Impediments and Infirmities of the Body of the Native.
  • Chapter Seven: Concerning the Qualities of the Soul of the Native.
  • Chapter Eight: Concerning the Impediments of the Soul.
  • Chapter Nine: Concerning the Fortune and Wealth of the Native.
  • Chapter Ten: Concerning the Honor and Dignity of the Native.
  • Chapter Eleven: Concerning the Native's Magistery and his Work.
  • Chapter Twelve: Concerning Sexual Unions.
  • Chapter Thirteen: Concerning Children and Their Relationship Toward the Parents.
  • Chapter Fourteen: Concerning the Natives's Friends and Enemies.
  • Chapter Fifteen: Concerning the Natives's Foreign Travels and Journeys.
  • Chapter Sixteen: Concerning the Qualities of the Native's Death.
  • Appendix I -- Computing Antiscia According to the Opusculum.
  • Appendix II -- The Computation of the Hyleg According to Alchabitius.
  • Appendix III -- The Periods of the Planets.
  • Appendix IV -- The Four Differentiae of Life Expectancy.
  • Appendix V -- Tables of Special Degrees from the Opusculum.
  • Appendix VI -- Similitude from the Opusculum.
  • Appendix VII -- The Table of Essential Dignities as Given in the Opusculum.
  • Appendix VIII -- Dustoria or Ductoria, as Described in the Opusculum.
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