astrology 301

Part I: The Love of your Life!
We evaluate the Natal Chart, Progressions and Transits to see how they conspire to bring each individual passion, happiness and fulfillment. Rob shows the spiritual and practical approaches for looking realistically at this topic.

Part II: Synastry – how do we get along?
Techniques and methods for comparing charts to see compatibilities, strengths and weaknesses. Strategies for getting along in tough times will be presented and discussed with a special Q & A.

Part III: The Composite Chart – how do we look as a couple and how do we function?
We explore several truly unique methods of compositing chart data to see how couples function together in the world. This is about the dynamics of being together. The Webinar will conclude with sharing Composite Charts submitted by participants. The data for composite charts must be submitted to Rob's office by October 19 to be included in the Webinar.

$198 (previously recorded class)

prerequisite: none.