“At the most basic level of astrology are the symbols that impart its meaning” -Robert Hand

Horoscope Symbols c.1981 was a reasonably complete statement of my views on various facets of what was then contemporary astrology. Since that time my views on astrology have undergone considerable evolution.

So is my book Horoscope Symbols still valuable to students of my work? The answer is “Yes!” This webinar is the result of my professional research as an historian, my encounter with Hellenistic and medieval astrology, and my own views on linguistic meaning in modern methods of astrology.

This webinar will demonstrate, for the professional astrologer, what has changed in my astrology since 1981 and what has not. For the beginner, this webinar will teach advanced basics of symbols and glyphs, planets in signs and houses, and show how to put a chart reading together.

Here are some of the topics that will be discussed.

1. What is an astrological symbol? Are glyphs symbols?
2. What roles do planets, signs, houses and aspects play in the chart?
3. In what respects are they similar and how are they different?
4. The use of houses in astrology and how they are set up.
5. The relationship between planets and signs, that I refer to as dignities & rulerships.
6. Does a planet have an effect on a house that it is not in?

Charts of participants will be used with permission.

$198 (previously recorded class)
prerequisite: none.